Corporate Trade-in

Green Gadgets has worked closely with corporate organisations since 2012, delivering efficient, secure and market leading Corporate Trade-in solutions. With the release of new Smartphones and Tablets every year, we fully understand the need for businesses to upgrade their fleet of devices on a regular basis to stay at the forefront of new technologies – whilst maximising the residual value of the existing fleet.

We guarantee a market competitive valuation for your fleet of devices and our Corporate Trade-in product range consists of devices across multiple brands, including; Apple iPhones, iPads Macbooks, iMacs and Pros, Samsung Galaxy Smartphones and Tablets, Smartwatches and other Android devices – we have well over 1000 device models on our Trade-in database!

We streamline the process for you, completing your Trade-in solution in 4 simple steps:

Find Unwanted Devices

Take a look around the office and find out if you have excess and unwanted electronic devices.

Tell Us What You Have

Let us know the make, model & quantity of equipment to be traded-in.

We'll Take Care of the Rest

We'll arrange free collection of the devices from your office. Upon arrival at our facility, they’ll be processed and diagnosed and we’ll then contact you to confirm the final buyback valuation.

Payment & Data Destruction

Upon acceptance of the final buyback valuation, payment will be made within 7 business days. The process of data destruction will immediately start upon acceptance of buyback valuation - with a Data Destruction certificate issued shortly thereafter.

If you have over 10 devices to Trade-in. Please reach out to our Corporate Team on